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“Wah Sing Pharmaceutical Ltd.” and its two sister corporations, “Wai Fat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” and “Hong Kong Zihua Pharmaceutical Ltd.”, are all under “Wai Fat Pharmaceutical Group”:

“Wah Sing” – With its own local production facility, “Wah Sing” mainly specializes in the pharmaceutical, processing and packaging business. It possesses 160 medicated oils registered as proprietary Chinese medicines (pCm), and registered trademarks of 28 medicinal products.

“Wai Fat” –“Wai Fat” mainly acts as the product agent and works as a close partner with “Wah Sing”, who sources premium goods and formulas across the globe for further processing and packaging. As the sole agent, “Wai Fat” strives to bring the products into the local market.

“Hong Kong Zihua Pharmaceutical Ltd.” – “Zihua Pharmaceutical” is the 14th pCm manufacturer to obtain the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification in Hong Kong. “Wah Sing” is the owner of Zihua Embrocation’s trademark.

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